Welcome aboard Aurora in Holland! (Or as locals would say – Hartelijk Welkom!)
Why choose cruising in Holland?

  • the land of super relaxed and extremely friendly people
  • a place where everybody speaks English so no need to worry about getting lost in translation
  • amazingly delightful countryside dotted with picturesque houses, pretty windmills & never-ending canals and waterways
  • offers plenty of quaint sights and romantic settings while cruising which make it an ideal family and friend get-together destination
  • is not only about cheese, flowers and windmills but there are plenty of events, festivals and numerous art exhibitions
  • generally welcoming atmosphere makes it your favourite home away from home

This trip of your lifetime will focus on your well-being as well as the country’s gems such as art, history, music and food and will combine it with a luxury 7-day barging experience aboard Aurora!
Join us to discover a world of enchantment, relaxation and true happiness!
Life is too short not to make the best out of it!


Enjoy 5 Star Services & Amenities

5* luxury private yacht cruising the beautiful Dutch inland waterways combines the art of well-being with a convivial atmosphere, in exquisite ambience and superb accommodation.


Discover our 4 luxurious suites

Come discover our four luxury cabins, spacious and stylish, refined and elegant, each with private bathroom.


Inventive Regional Cuisine

Your private Chef will propose an inventive regional cuisine from France and even from abroad, appealing to the eye and exquisite to your taste buds!